Garden design

Our garden design services help you get the garden you love. Designing a border or a whole garden can be challenging. How to combine plants? How to make shelter? How to improve the soil? Which plant to choose for that difficult spot? All questions we are happy to help you answering.

We can help you out to make a start or make the whole design for you. We offer three easy to understand packages that suit everyone’s needs.

Don’t know which is best for you? Feel free to contact us to discuss what suits you the best. After all I love to share my passion for gardening!


Our most practical and hands on offer bringing proper planting advice to your garden.


  • Our plant experts will walk with you through your garden advising you on what plants to plant where. As well as how to build up your garden over time.
  • Includes the first half hour consultation.

  • (Additional time charged at $35 per half hour.)

Planting Plan

A plan that highlights what plants to plant where in your


  • Our plant experts will come around and walk with you through your garden discussing your requirements.
  • After our visit we provide a comprehensive plan
  • & shopping list.

  • (Suitable to gardens under a quarter acre / 1,000 sqm)