Keeping Hydrangea flowers during winter!

Do you love your hydrangeas in your garden during summer…. Or a nice bunch of mophead flowers in a vase inside! Here a very easy way to dry hydrangeas so you can keep the lovely flowers for a long period! Follow the steps and success guaranteed

Dry hydrangeas
Dry hydrangeas

Step 1: Choose your best flowers without any damage of the petals. Best time is the end of the season as the color of the petals start to change.  Cut the flowers with roughly 30 cm stem attached and remove all leaves.

Step 2: Place your freshly cut  flowers in a vase filled with fresh water.  Make sure the stems are half covered with water. Place your vase in a cool spot without any direct sunlight.

Step 3: Let the water slowly evaporate while you are enjoying your flowers. Don’t add any extra water.

Step 4: When the water is totally evaporated, your hydrangeas will feel dry. The flowers can now be used for any floral decoration. Or simply keep them in the vase to enjoy.

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