Plant of the month August:….LEUCADENDRONS

Leucadendron golden tullip

Leucadendrons are evergreen shrubs endemic to South Africa. Several varieties exist and most of them grow around 1.5-2 m high. In winter they are definitely steeling the show as very colorful flower bracts appear in colors ranging from deep red to bright yellow depending on the variety. The flower bracts are excellent for picking and can be used for a beautiful long lasting flower arrangement.

Leucadendron superstar

Leucadendron are very easy low maintenance plants and are suitable for a variety of soil types as long as it is well drained. They prefer full sun to part shade and thrive well in windy areas. It is definitely a plant that can cheer up your border in the darker months of the year.


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Leucadendron Safari Sunset 5
Leucadendron waterlilly