Spotted in the garden

Kowhai caterpillar

Pest in the garden: Kowhai Caterpillar

I was horrified finding my beautiful Sophora ‘Dragons Gold’ totally stripped! First I thought it had died for some reason. But having a closer look I saw many caterpillars having a party. This must be an attack of the Kowhai moth caterpillar. Kowhai caterpillars often come around during summer through to autumn and are known… Read more

How to Make Natural Wind Breakers in Your Garden

The majority of New Zealand’s population lives in coastal areas, experiencing strong winds on many days in a year. What would be your first impulse to protect your garden from these winds? Out of experience, most people tend to build fences. This shouldn’t be a problem, since they are keeping the wind out, right? If… Read more

How to efficiently water your garden during dry summers!

Most of us have been looking forward to the summer, the sunshine, hot weather and more day light in a day. I mean, who doesn’t love to sit in their garden or on their patio at the end of a day, smelling the food cooking on a barbeque while taking it all in. While you… Read more

Hydrangea Sabrina

Hydrangeas: How to change their color!

It is the time of the year….. beautiful big mophead flowers in stunning colors appear on lush green hydrangea shrubs. Lots of different hydrangea variants have been cultivated in white, blue, pink and purple. Except the white hydrangea most hydrangeas vary in color depending on the soil type. The rule of thumb: if the soil… Read more


Myrtle Rust – Being Aware of the Threat

This spring, every gardener must be cautious and on the lookout for myrtle rust, as it is spreading across the New Zealand mainland after its discovery in May this year. I am not wanting to put you off these beautiful gardening days. Therefore, I believe that it is important that all of you are aware… Read more

It’s National Gardening Week!

Don’t you have it to? That feeling to get in the garden, make it colourful and smell the beauty of it while working alongside the bees and butterflies. The National Gardening Week kicked off Saturday and aims to do just that: getting all gardeners, no matter whether they are experienced, passionate or just starting out,… Read more

Leucadendron superstar

Plant of the month August:….LEUCADENDRONS

Leucadendrons are evergreen shrubs endemic to South Africa. Several varieties exist and most of them grow around 1.5-2 m high. In winter they are definitely steeling the show as very colorful flower bracts appear in colors ranging from deep red to bright yellow depending on the variety. The flower bracts are excellent for picking and can… Read more


Hedges are the backbones of your garden and can be planted for many reasons. You might need shelter from the wind, get some privacy or want to split your garden in compartments. You can place a fence from wood or stone but why not creating a living fence or wall. Which plant you use depends on… Read more

Dry hydrangeas

Keeping Hydrangea flowers during winter!

Do you love your hydrangeas in your garden during summer…. Or a nice bunch of mophead flowers in a vase inside! Here a very easy way to dry hydrangeas so you can keep the lovely flowers for a long period! Follow the steps and success guaranteed Step 1: Choose your best flowers without any damage of the… Read more

‘Bee Aware Month’ discount on bee friendly plants!

September is our national BEE AWARE MONTH, a whole month dedicated to the lovely honey bee. To show some extra love to our kiwi bees and keep them alive in the future, plant bee friendly plants in your garden. There are lot of plants that attract bees. It could be annuals but also perennials do attract them. Did… Read more