Spotted in the garden

Hyacinth bulb on water.

Grow Hyacinth bulbs in water

I love spring bulbs….Crocus, Daffodil, Tulip and especially Hyacinth. Probably my Dutch roots that will never go away. Hyacinth flowers have such a lovely smell! When you grow them indoors your room will be filled with irresistible smell. This time of the year you can buy hyacinth bulbs in pots in your garden center…..but soooo  expensive! These… Read more

Osteospermum Buttermilk

How to get cheap plants!…… affordable gardening!

Having a garden can be a costly process. How many times have you been to a garden center and ending up with a big shock when coming to payment. A lot people think they cannot afford  a wonderful garden full of flowering plants. A grass patch is what they choose thinking this is the cheapest… Read more

Rare event in the garden!

Phormium tenax and Phormium cookianum are two native NZ flaxes , known by the Maori names harakeke and wharariki, respectively. These perennial plants are widely spread throughout New Zealand and play an important function in the Maori culture and history of New Zealand. Beautiful flowers appear in spring and the nectar attracts specifically native birds like tui and bellbirds. Nurseries… Read more

How to plant a bank

It’s hard to find a straight spot in Wellington. So most of us have some sort of a bank in our section. Overgrown with Gorse or just a patch of grass is not the max you can do with it. We get a lot of people asking how to plant a bank. … A great… Read more

Fern are starting to pop up.

Over the last two years we have been working really hard to get the section we have suitable for our nursery. We have taken out most of the Gorse and we now see ferns popping up all over the bank. How do you take care of Fern? We have been trying to get these Fern… Read more

Maryflower website

New season new site

We are very happy to present to you our new website. I have been working hard to get everything up and running for the new season. We are very happy with the result. A big thank you for the people at Prefer for doing an awesome job. I would be very interested to hear your… Read more