Why we support the Kererū Discovery

As keen gardeners we love the outdoors. Being in the garden among the animals that surround us is a profoundly humbling experience.  As we always want to help our community around us we look for ways to bring that joy to everyone and contribute to helping this beautiful country forward as a showcase of bio diverse beauty. The Kererū Discovery fits well within that ambition.

The Kererū Discovery

The project was started in 2005 as a partnership between Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington Zoo, Victoria University of Wellington, Zealandia, and the Department of Conservation. These founding partners coordinated and collaborated on a number of sub-projects that all centered around these key messages:

  • Backyard choices make a difference
  • What’s good for Kererū is good for us
  • The bird in your backyard is the bird in the bush
  • Kererū are valuable for themselves
  • It doesn’t stop with Kererū

The goal is to change people’s behaviors to create an environment that ensured a sustainable future for Kererū, and build a knowledge base of key information accessible to the community.

Our contribution

Since “Backyard choices make a difference” we can help by making it clear what plants are good for the New Zealand pigeon. The Kererū Discovery has sent us labels which we will attach to our plants in the shop. That enables our customers to see which plants provide food for Kererū. Besides that we have dedicated a special corner of our website to Kererū Food. 

Keen to contribute?

Come around an pick up some of the Kererū Food we have on offer. But if you are keen to do more have a look at the greatkererucount.nz. From 18 September until 27 September The Great Kererū Count is NZ’s biggest citizen science project to help gather information on the abundance and distribution of the New Zealand pigeon.

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