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New Plants

We regularly add new plants to our store to bring new and exciting plants to your garden. These are our most recent new variations.

  • Imperata Red Baron

    Imperata ‘Red Baron’

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  • Carnation 'King of Blacks'

    Carnation ‘King of the Black’

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  • Verbena ‘Tenuisecta’

    Verbena ‘Tenuisecta’

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  • Stachys 'Limelight'

    Stachys ‘Limelight’

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Best Sellers

  • 100-147 Griselinia littoralis

    Griselinia littoralis ‘Broadway Mint’

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  • Pratia angulata

    Pratia angulata

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  • Olearia paniculata

    Olearia paniculata

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  • 100-145 Hydrangea macrophylla 'Bridal Bouquet'

    Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bridal Bouquet’

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