Plant nursery Wellington

You don’t find many plant nurseries in Wellington. Garden centers you will be able to find a few but in order to get to a real nice place who grow affordable high quality plants you need to go on a tour.

Plant nursery or garden center

If you are after annuals, a nice pot, some seeds, a bag of compost or vegetables a garden center provides you all the joy you need. But if you are looking to establish or change your garden you need perennials and probably a lot of them. A plant nursery provides you a better range and generally their plants have a much better chance of success. 

Why a plant nursery in Wellington

From the heart of the city Maryflower is the first plant nursery you encounter driving north on SH1. Our nursery is proud to be in the city close to the highway and accessible via bus line 1.

Maryflower grow plants in the nursery in Wellington to make sure they are all well acclimatized to our particular Wellington weather. Our plants are grown outside to make sure they will flourish when they are planted.

We don’t just grow plants. we sell them in our shop, open every Wednesday and Saturday as well as online via our online shop. Besides that Maryflower also provides design, planting and garden maintenance services.

Advice in store

Browsing Plant Nursery Wellington

When you visit our plant nursery in Wellington you will see we make gardening available to everyone. Our high quality plants are affordable to allow you to fill your garden. When you come to our shop our qualified staff can help you select from our wide range of plants and varieties.

We can help you select great companion planting options, advise on how to improve your soil to suit the plants or recommend specific plants to suit your  garden. If you use our garden consultation services we come to you, walk through your garden and advise you what to plant. If you are not in Wellington, we even offer this service remote using video conferencing. 

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