Hedges are the backbones of your garden and can be planted for many reasons. You might need shelter from the wind, get some privacy or want to split your garden in compartments. You can place a fence from wood or stone but why not creating a living fence or wall.

Which plant you use depends on your preferences and reasons for your hedge. But the conditions the hedge will be planted in are very important too.

Good plants to make a hardy hedge  in your garden are: Corokia, Olearia,  Pittosporum, Dodonaea viscosa or Griselinia. If you are looking for a more colorful hedge with flowers suggestions are: Hebes, Lavendula, Euryops or Escallonia.

To form a descent hedge a rough planting distance guide is the following:

  • 20-30 cm  for knee-high hedges
  • 30-40 cm for waist-high hedges
  • 50-70 cm  for anything higher


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