Hydrangeas: How to change their color!

It is the time of the year….. beautiful big mophead flowers in stunning colors appear on lush green hydrangea shrubs.

Hydrangea ‘Sabrina’

Lots of different hydrangea variants have been cultivated in white, blue, pink and purple. Except the white hydrangea most hydrangeas vary in color depending on the soil type. The rule of thumb: if the soil is alkaline they will turn pink or shades of pink, if the soil is acidic then they will turn blue or deep purple.

Have a look at your soil so you won’t be disappointed if the color is different then expected. Clay soil is mostly acidic while sandy soil is more alkaline. You can do a pH test to make sure what the pH is. To change the pH you can add specific fertilizer to you soil. To make it acidic you can add fertilizer for acidic loving plants. To make it Alkaline add extra lime to your soil. For a deep blue color of your hydrangea add extra aluminium as well.

Hydrangea ‘Ayesha’
Hydrangea ‘Sensation’
Hydrangea ‘Blue Diamond’



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