Corokia ‘Phantom’

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Corokia ‘Phantom’ is an evergreen dense NZ native shrub with dark chocolate leaves which turn nearly black in winter. The silvery undersides of the leaves makes it a nice contrast. Late spring to summer small yellow starry flowers appear followed by small red berries in autumn. A very hardy shrub which can be grown in any NZ soil. It thrives well in coastal conditions and is very useful to shelter for strong winds. Corokia ‘Phantom’ can be clipped to a small or high hedge or be planted as a shrub in a mixed border.

All Corokia are suitable for hedging. The spacing will depend on the height you require. For a low hedge of between 50cm – 1m we recommend you plant them 30cm apart. For a hedge of between 1m – 2m we recommend planting them 50cm apart.

Additional information

Fully Grown Height

1.25 m

Fully Grown Width

1 m


Full sun, Partial shade


Tolerates or prefers dry soil, Well drained




Frost Hardy


Attractive flowers, Attractive leaves, Attracts birds, Suitable for planting as a hedge