How to get cheap plants!…… affordable gardening!

Having a garden can be a costly process. How many times have you been to a garden center and ending up with a big shock when coming to payment. A lot people think they cannot afford  a
wonderful garden full of flowering plants. A grass patch is what they choose thinking this is the cheapest and easiest option.  But what about weekly mowing and feeding…..grass can be quite frustrating.

Good news there are lots of options to gardening on a low budget!

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Annual versus perennial plants

Garden centers are full of annual flowering plants. Beautiful flowers and colors make them really attractive to buy. They are cheap and give direct effect in your garden. But are they as cheap as you think? As the name says, annual plants only last for one season. They are very attractive  in your garden but you need to feed and water them regularly to have long lasting joy. Unfortunately, after one season they will die off  and you need to run back to the garden center to spend money again.

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If you choose for perennial plants you will have joy year after year as most perennials last for many years. To choose the right plants, it needs a little effort in the beginning as you need to choose your plants carefully and place them in the right spot. But as soon as the plant is settled you will have less maintenance. Most perennial plants need to be fed once a year and only need  water in really dry periods. In the long run this is a cheaper options with less maintenance.

Mature versus small plants

To gain direct effect with perennials you can buy mature plants in your garden center. Unfortunately, these are the most costly plants as it takes nurseries years and years to grow them to the size you are buying in the shops. What about buying smaller plants? Some garden centers or nurseries are now coming with smaller plants for sale. It will take some time to get your final effect but on the good side they are much cheaper. Often it is better to transplant a smaller than a mature plant and the plant can directly settle in the climate in your garden. You can see it as a great journey to follow your plant maturing.

How can you have color year round with perennials?

This is not as difficult as you think it is. Gain a variety of plants that flower in different periods of the year or have long lasting flower periods. Might need some plant knowledge but a lot of landscapers and plant designers are available to help you out and make a plant design. A bit of investment in the first place but it will pay you off.

Another option is to visit a garden center every month. Most garden centers have the current flowering plants in stock and most of the time they are for sale in the flowering period. You write down the plants that are flowering in each months and after a year you will have a list of plants to have color year round. So no need to dive into the books! Not too difficult!

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