Grow Hyacinth bulbs in water

I love spring bulbs….Crocus, Daffodil, Tulip and especially Hyacinth. Probably my Dutch roots that will never go away. Hyacinth flowers have such a lovely smell! When you grow them indoors your room will be filled with irresistible smell. This time of the year you can buy hyacinth bulbs in pots in your garden center…..but soooo  expensive! These are the moments I miss Holland. But why not grow them yourself!

You can easily force hyacinth bulbs on water.

What do you need:

  • Hyacinth bulbs. Buy some nice hyacinth bulbs. You can get them in many different colors.
  • Special hyacinth glass…You need a glass vase with a compartment at the top what fits a bulb.

What to do:
Start at the end of autumn halfway April till the end of May when you can buy bulbs everywhere.

Fill the glass with water just under the bottom of the bulb. Don’t let the bulb touch the water as it will rot.
Hyacinth on water

Place the glass in a dark cool place. For example a dark spot in the garage or shed. Temperature roughly 5-10 grades Celsius. No Frost!

In a week or two some roots will be formed and drop down in the water. Refill with water when the water level is lowering. Again don’t let the bulb touch the water.
Hyacinth roots

As soon as the tip of the bulb is around 5-8 cm you can get the glass inside. This will be roughly 8-10 weeks after you have started.

The flower will come soon…..Enjoy!

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