It’s National Gardening Week!

National Garden Week Scary GardenDon’t you have it to? That feeling to get in the garden, make it colourful and smell the beauty of it while working alongside the bees and butterflies. The National Gardening Week kicked off Saturday and aims to do just that: getting all gardeners, no matter whether they are experienced, passionate or just starting out, in the garden. Don’t be scared or overwhelmed. You can do this, even if you do not have a garden on your own! Use your encouragement to help out in the community garden or spend some time with your neighbour in their garden. Maybe even replace that shared hedge. This will give you the chance to not only grow plants, but friendships, strong communities and overall, a closer connection with the nature around you.

Everyone can be a gardener

We are certain that everyone can be a gardener and with our passion for gardening we are wanting to encourage others to find the joy about it just as much as we have. Please feel free to contact us for any further support or advice, because we are eager to share our knowledge and passion with you!

National Gardening Week ideas

A great idea for a gardener starting out, is to plant some microgreens for the kitchen window sill. Plant them alongside some herbs that you will be able to use in your cooking.

Another one would be to start a compost or worm bin to convert kitchen scraps into a valuable plant food. It even helps doing something good for the environment!

Carrying the thought on from our national ‘Bee Aware Month’ in September, you can also make your garden a bee friendly garden. Plenty of plants attract bees, no matter whether they are perennials or annuals. However, bees specifically like blue, purple, white and yellow-flowering plants and would it not be great to show some extra love to our kiwi bees?

We hope to have inspired you and that you will encourage others to be part of the National Gardening Week, ending on the 13th of October. Now grab your tools, and get planting!

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